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of this neglected range of tractors that are on the up..!!

Steering components

BTJ 4112 Steering wheel black £35:00
BTJ 3132 Pin Pivot front axle POA
BTJ 4005 Bush beam assy POA
BTJ 4009 Bush Beam assy stub axle 4 per tractor POA
BTJ 4036 Seal felt stub axle/steering arm £1:00
27H 4831 Track rod end RH £24:00
27H 4832 Track rod end LH £24:00
BTJ 4028 Hub cap front £8:00
27H 4701/2 Bush steering column top £4:00
27H6079 Bearing steering column complete £30:00each
17H 6490 Oil seal steering box rocker shaft £6:00 each
BTJ 4056 Front hub oil seal £8:00
HB1 Front hub bearings and oil seal one side £27:00
BTJ 4023 Front wheel nut £2:00
BTJ 4022 Front wheel stud £1:50
BTJ 49 Rear wheel nut £2:00
BTJ 18 Rear wheel stud POA
27H 9460 Bolt and nut rear wheel joins inner to rim NLA
27H 4713 Shaft steering column and screw £60:00
BTJ 4031 Trust bearing stub axle £12:00
7H4711Nut Domed Steering Wheel £5:00
BTK 4018Housing Ball Joint Inner£10:00
BTJ 333Cap Final Drive ShaftPOA
BTJ 79Gasket Final Drive Plate£1:50