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Hydraulics And Lifting Gear

BTJ 6160 Complete lift assy NLA
BTJ 6047 Check chain as original £7:50
BTJ 6131 Top link pin original £6:00
BTJ 6024 Pin lower draft arm original NLA
GFE 103 Hydraulic oil filter £7:00
12H 1412 Hydraulic tank cap £6:00
BTJ 6014 Lower draft arm NLA
BTJ88PTO Shaft Screw In Cap Plastic£6:50
27H6166Control Valve Knob£4:00
BTJ6034Universal Joint Link Arms£10:00
BTJ 6065 Top link Assy ReproductionNLA
BTJ 6063 Rod assy RH leveller NLA
BTJ 6032 Fork rod LH lower NLA
BTJ 6033 Rod lift LH upper NLA
BTJ 6142 Cylinder Hydraulic lift ram NLA
BTJ 6136 Seal hydraulic lift ram £8:00
BTJ 6356 Pipe control valve to cyl NLA
BTJ 6357 Pipe control valve to filter NLA
BTJ 6359 Pipe from valve to pump £22:00
BTJ 6316 Tank hydraulic oil (new old stock)£35:00
BTJ 6280 Drive belt hydraulic pump 4/25 154 only £12:00
BMK 977 Drive belt hydraulic pump mini £10:00