A company run by an enthusiast,for enthusiasts
of this neglected range of tractors that are on the up..!!

Electrical Parts

N/APloughing Light POA
BTJ 2238 Ammeter £15:00
BTJ 2877 Ballast Resistor £12:00
BTJ 2878 Wiring Harness main 948 Diesel original £55:00
12H 4682 Control Box RB108 £27:00
37H 7427 Starter Solenoid 45G Starter POA
13H 2154 Switch Isolator £14:00
BUT1Butler Rear Light Rubber £4:00 each
17H 2665 Switch Assy Starter Heat£15:00
BTJ3655Wiring Harness 4/25 154 Diesel Made in UK£60:00
BUT2RButler Rear Lamp Lens Red£4:00
BUT2WButler Rear Lamp Lens White£4:00
27H6227Spring Return£1:00
BTJ79Joint Plate Reduction Housing£2:00
BTJ185Plate Cover Reduction HousingPOA
BTJ2223Ammeter Grommet£7:00
37H3936Switch Lighting Assy.(comp. with knob)£14:00
83H610Switch Isolator£14:00
13H4044Relay Heater PlugsPOA