A company run by an enthusiast,for enthusiasts of this neglected range of tractors that are on the up..!!


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 E-mail tim.blackburn@bmcmini”$”tractor.co.uk

Tel No. 044 (0)1829 752433 after 6pm (GMT)

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This site is the dedicated to providing top quality spares and advice on Leyland 154 BMC Mini 9/16 and Nuffield 4/25 range of Tractors.

We are also on hand to provide spares and advice on the full range of  Leyland and BMC car range as well..!!

Please feel free to e-mail us on any problem,spares requirement or just general advice you need.

If you have a useful link or contact that other users of Leyland Nuffield or BMC Cars or Tractors would find of interestPlease forward via e-mail and we will add it to the useful links page.

I have had to alter some prices in the parts list, but this is the first for 9 years....!!!

I can now supply parts for the 1622 cc petrol version on the  Nuffield 4/15 and Leyland 154 Tractors. Please contact me for details.